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For pc gamers

Group Founder: archer14
Description: If u are a pc gamer eg.bioshock this is the group 4 u
Group Type: Public join
Members: 14
Category: Technology, Internet & Wireless > PC Hardware

Topics (5)

go I.d's. (0) lostsock
What's everyones steam, games for windows live and all that names so we can have a mad race, battle and all that! That's if anyone's still using this group?

go Just car race (1) mass1
I love car races nascar,gt3,

go Blimey? What's going on? (0) lostsock
Well, thaught I was joining a pc gaming group but theres no topics about pc games? How strange? Well, anyway, what kind of machine you lot got? I'm just getting use to a Rock ctx Xtreme Pro gaming lap...

go Gears of war 2 (1) archer14
Wow! What a good trailer 4 a great game i think it will make game of the year

go Halo3 (0) archer14
Ok guys this topic is important so what do u guys think of halo3